Baroody – Falafel Mix

I was showing an Indian friend of mine a gem of a store in West Philly and she was teaching me about products she uses.  She turned me on to the pre-made falafel mix.  I was skeptical at first.  I explained to her that I have tried on so many occasions to make homemade Falafel and they usually just fall apart.  She chuckled and said no no..this is what I use.  I even bake it to make it more healthy.  I reviewed the mix ingredients and there are ingredients I would have never thought to use, so I thought why not give it a try.  It is just $2.60.

This is now a staple item for me.  The Falafel turned out amazing and so easy!  I simply made the mix up before I went to work.  It gave it time to set up.  Then I fried the falafel in a matter of minutes.  A very economical and delicious meal!

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