Sate Sauce


If you love the peanut sauce you get in Asian restaurants and have failed at replicating the sauce at home I have the ingredient for you.

In the condiment aisle of most Asian grocery stores you will find this paste.  They are really easy to use.  Break off the portion of your desire and then add hot water to get the consistency you want.  You will be very very happy.  Keep these stocked in your pantry!!!

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Asian Style Pigs in a Blanket

I am always looking for a creative way to use egg roll wrappers.  In my opinion you have to buy the egg roll wrappers at a Asian market to get the best quality.  They just seem to have a better mouth feel.

Continue reading to get this Weight Watchers friendly recipe.  If you use fat free hot dogs and fat free cheese each one of these yummy bites is about 3 pts.   Continue reading

Golden Flower Rice Noodle Macarooni

I bought these out of curiosity.  I have been trying to eat healthier and I thought these would be a great alternative to regular pasta.  I was not disappointed.  I have used them in a variety of dishes.

I found them at Assi Plaza.  Some friends had taken me on a culinary journey and we had a blast exploring the Market.  There was something about this market that mad it feel special.


Crispy Seasoned Anchovies


Crispy Wasabi Anchovy

I am always looking for a way to work Anchovies into my diet.  I stopped in P&P Oriental Market in University City and discovered these treats.  I got the Wasabi ones.  They are definitely crunchy a little spicy and sweet.  I am still not sure what to do with them other than snack on them…so stay tuned for recipe ideas as I learn more.  They also had a Pizz flavored variety and at first I was a little ewwwy about it but then it dawned on me that pizza + anchovy = GOOD.  So stayed tuned for that update as well.  I will be visiting P&P Oriental Grocery regularly. Continue reading

Kong Yen Black Vinegar



I have had this product for awhile.  I assumed that it was just a black vinegar and used in Asian food just like regular vinegar.  I tasted it today and it taste very similar to worcestershire sauce and half the price.  I will definitely keep this around.  Used it with apple cider vinegar today for a roast pork and the pork came out yummy!


Shirataki Yam Noodle

Hmmmm….these are good to keep on hand if you are dieting.  They are more economical than the Tofu noodles but the texture is a little softer.  It probably would help if you let drain them for a while before cooking.  They also need to be rinsed really well before preparing.  They come in one giant long noodle so you will want to cut them up.