Healthy Cake???? CrEATive cooking.


Everyone knows I don’t follow recipes…so here is the brain dump from a inspiration I saw on Pinterest.

2 avocados , 1 box cake mix and enough sour cream to make the batter moist.  Bake in your favorite greased and floured baking pan at 350 until the toothpick comes clean.

I used low fat cream cheese and yogurt to make the frosting. Really yummy!!


Be inspired! Be Well!

Ikea Food

I was intriqued with these tubes of salmon cream at Ikea. 


So me being me…. I had to get some for a mad scientist experiment.  Yummiliciosness transpired!!!!


I had to figure out which one I liked best.  Ikea brand one the taste test.

I also bought these pillows of LOVE!  These will become a freezer staple. 


Together they made for a fun and delicious Sunday morning.  No muss no fuss!



Check out the freezer section at Ikea ur next trip.  Yummy stuff to be had.

Asian Style Pigs in a Blanket

I am always looking for a creative way to use egg roll wrappers.  In my opinion you have to buy the egg roll wrappers at a Asian market to get the best quality.  They just seem to have a better mouth feel.

Continue reading to get this Weight Watchers friendly recipe.  If you use fat free hot dogs and fat free cheese each one of these yummy bites is about 3 pts.   Continue reading

Indiana Popcorn Chips – Natural Sea Salt

I was hungry when  stopped in Walgreens the other day.  So I grabbed the Popcorn chips because I am trying to eat healthier.  I discovered that 20 of these chips are only 3 points on Weight Watchers.  That is a huge bargain.  I was very impressed with the way these tasted and crunched.  They are a bit expensive so if you see them at a reasonable price stock up.  I also tried the Bacon and Sour Cream Popcorn and it was yummy as well.  Didn’t think to take a pic of that for the blog…Oh well guess I will just have to get another bag.

Bangkok Padang Peanut Sauce


I hadn’t had this stuff in awhile because it it kinda expensive.  Well I hit the jackpot this week, it was on sale!!!

I quickly came home and made a macorroni and green bean salad.  Yummy yummy yummy.  I originally had it at a friends and she mixed the sauce with egg noodles and peas.  It is so yummy it makes even your most hated vegetable taste good.   Continue reading