Peanut Powder found in West Philly

It is so exciting to find a product locally that I have only seen online.  I stopped in Connie’s  Food Market 5153 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19139 mainly because I had been dreaming about the red snapper I saw last weekend.  I was also looking to pick up some Bissy tea and chat with the lady who had turned me on to the Bissy tea last week.  She also suggested Sorrel (Jamaican Kool-Aid).  As we were chatting, I asked her if they carried Almond flour.  Unfortunately, they did not carry the Almond flour but she said we have Peanut Powder.  I was very very excited!! For people who love peanut butter, peanut powder is a way to get your fix without the fat and calories.  I can’t wait to tell my friend Sharon about this find!!!

The storefront of Connie’s  Food Market 5153 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19139 is beaten up and weathered but the store is organized and clean!  The staff is always friendly and helpful.  If you need a dose of the Caribbean but can’t get to the islands this place will help you create a tropical staycation in Philly.  ENJOY!!  You will see recipes with these yummy and healthful products in the near future.

P.A.N Harina Flour and AREAPA’s!!!!!

A beautiful thing happens when you happen upon an ingredient that you had searched long and hard for but just couldn’t locate it.  I stopped in the Shop and Bag on Walnut street in West Philly….around 43rd street…..and …….I found P.A.N. Harina Flour!!!!!!!!


P.A.N. Harina Flour is a pre-cooked cornmeal flour used to make Arepa’s.  I have been searching for it for awhile.  You just can’t make Arepa’s without it.  Trust me I tried and the things I ended up with were NASTY!!!  I ate my Arepa’s smothered in buffalo chicken I cooked on the George Foreman.  

I hope this post inspires you to explore the Shop and Bag in West Philly and to begin exploring Venezuelan and Columbian cuisine.  YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED TO THE CRUNCHY TEXTURE OF THE AREAPA!!!!!  Continue reading to get the Arepa recipe.   Continue reading

Inspired and Ready to be CrEATative

I have been in sort of a funk the last couple of weeks and haven’t been able to go to Farm51.  This made me ever more funktabulous!  Well I broke the cycle last night and I feel inspired and rejuvenated.  Not to mention they had honey this week.  Nice surprise!!!  Enjoy the pics I hope you find inspiration in them and create something from the heart this weekend.  I am feeling some Baba Ganoush.   Continue reading

Nita’s Garlic Noodles with Farm 51 FRRREEESSSHHH Garlic


Last year I experiences the most amazing phenomena!  REAL honest to goodness FRESH garlic.  To be very over dramatic, my life has never been the same since!!!!!  The fresh garlic is something that happens during a brief window during early summer so I have learned to stock up every time I go to Farm 51!  I used the fresh garlic in Nita’s Garlic Noodle recipe and… o man was it fabulous!!  I hope this post inspires you to go to Farm 51 and get some garlic before it is all gone.

The secret ingredient in my Garlic Noodle recipe is Farm 51 Garlic and Maggi Sauce!!  Every pantry should have Maggi sauce!!

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Buffalo Puffs

I love Hot Wings!!  They are not very Weight Watcher friendly so I have been on a quest to build a recipe that gives me the crunch and kick of a hot wing.  I think I hit the jackpot with this recipe.  I used Soy Puffs (find them in the refrigerator section of most Asian grocery stores and Franks Wings sauce!  Enjoy!!

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Frozen Hot Chocolate

My friend Sharon introduced me to me to Jack Torres Chocolate last summer in NYC.  It was hot and I decided to try the Frozen Hot Chocolate and OHHHH DAMMMNN!   I have not been the same since.  I live in Philly and don’t have access to the Brooklyn store as often as I like so I have been playing around with a recipe that is similar to the master’s.
Instant espresso and lots and lots of Cooca Powder seem to be the key ingredient to get that rich chocolate flavor.

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Farm 51 Eggs and Arugula — Market is tonight

Was rushed yesterday morning.  I forgot to add that this lovely dish is topped with Kimchi Siracha homemade ketchup.  Yes it is slap yo momma good!

51st and Chester — Thursday’s 4:30 – 7