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How many times have you found a recipe that you were excited to try.  Only to realize that you are unfamiliar with a few ingredients.  If you are like me, you either tossed the recipe aside or obsessive looked for the ingredients.  I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent searching for an illusive ingredient.  Finding these ingredients has become a passion of mine.  I love seeking out new products and finding ways to incorporate them into my life.  I am using this site to organize my brain dump and share my obsession with you.

For years I have been haunted by an insatiable curiosity of off the beaten path grocery stores.  Often times I get to meet and learn from people from other cultures.  These experiences have warmed my heart in so many ways.  Food and cooking are a common thread that we all share in the human experience and by sharing ideas about cooking a special bond is created.

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McCormick Smokehouse Black Pepper



If you like BBQ but don’t like all the calories.  This needs to be a pantry staple!!!   I used it with try it with garlic sun dried tomatoes stored oil.  You will think you are eating bacon!!




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