Farm 51 Eggs – Open Faced Egg Sandwich

One of my favorite breakfast foods is an Egg Mc Muffin from Mickey D’s.  It isn’t the healthiest option so I often look for substitutes that give me the same flavor POW!!!  This sunday morning I used 2 of my  FAVORITE!!  Farm 51 eggs.  Turkey Bacon and diet low calorie bread and fat free swiss cheese and came up with today’s version.  I didn’t feel deprived of anything. Recipe below.

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Farm 51 Philadelphia

Farm 51 — West Philly’s Most EXCELLENT & AWESOME Urban Farmer’s Market

51st and Chester — Thursday’s 4:30 – 7

This place is amazing!!!  I lucked upon this find during Philadelphia Science Fair last year….or was it a University City District….whatever it was meeting Andy and Neal and the people at the farm has inspired me beyond my imagination.  The farm is an amazing tranquil and abundant oasis in West Philly.  I love seeing the kids bounce around the garden and eat the fresh veggies right out of the garden. Continue reading

FARM 51!!!! Farm 51!!! So happy that the market is now open!

Can you say LOVE in an egg carton.  I am simply in love with eggs from Farm 51.  Getting a dozen of these each week during the summer just makes life good!  Neal and Andy from Farm 51 are amazing Innovators and I adore what they have done with Farm 51.

Stay tuned for recipes…and more inspiring pic’s from this fabulous place of happiness!!