Yuzu Kosho

This is a great citrusy spicey seasoning.  It is a combination of fire and water as they say.  Great in soups.  I add it to my Miso soup to give it a unique zing!  This condiment is very tart and because it is blended with chili spicey as well.

Shirataki Yam Noodle

Hmmmm….these are good to keep on hand if you are dieting.  They are more economical than the Tofu noodles but the texture is a little softer.  It probably would help if you let drain them for a while before cooking.  They also need to be rinsed really well before preparing.  They come in one giant long noodle so you will want to cut them up.

Nissui Fish Sausage

I bought this because it was on sale and to be honest I was completely skeptical.    I was very pleased with the flavor and texture of this product.  It is the poor man’s smoked sausage.  It would be excellent grilled and eaten like a hotdog.

Niussu Fish Sausage

Niussu Fish Sausage

Otafuku Korean Griddle Cake Kit

My friend Sharon who is introducing me to all things Japanese said I had to try these korean griddle cakes.  If you like scallion pancakes you will love these.  The instructions say that you can use meat, fish, chive, scallions but I had scallions on hand so that is what I used.  It was yummy!  The texture when cooked is very cloud like.  This has become a breakfast staple for me.

Korean Griddle Cake Suggestions

Korean Griddle Cake SuggestionsKorean Griddle Cake Directions

Korean Griddle Cake Mix

Korean Griddle Cake Mix

ITO EN Japanese Green Tea

I bought this at Mitsuma in New Jersey.  I am not a big green tea fan and I was officially stumpted when I was in the tea isle at Mitsuma. The prices ranged from really cheap to very expensive.   I asked someone asked a random person what they drank and they recommended this tea.  It was around 7 bucks for 100g.  Not cheap but not expensive.  It is a very nice tea and you only need a little to make a cup.