Fresh Herbs from Grocery Store

You have probably seen these at the grocery store.  Many stores are selling live herbs in the produce section.  These are a great deal!  While the selection of herbs is limited, I have found that the cost of each plant is cheaper than the garden centers.  I grabbed these and am going to repot them and put them on my back deck.  I will have fresh herbs all summer long.  So excited.  Stay tuned for more tips on how to keep them healthy (I am learning this myself) and how to use them and preserve them for later use.

Bangkok Padang Peanut Sauce


I hadn’t had this stuff in awhile because it it kinda expensive.  Well I hit the jackpot this week, it was on sale!!!

I quickly came home and made a macorroni and green bean salad.  Yummy yummy yummy.  I originally had it at a friends and she mixed the sauce with egg noodles and peas.  It is so yummy it makes even your most hated vegetable taste good.   Continue reading

Quakes Rice Snacks – Caramel Corn

I was having a major sweet and salty craving one day.  I have been doing Weight Watchers so I was looking to try something on the healthier side.  I was definitely skeptical about the rice snacks.  I have never been a huge fan.  These were actually not bad.  I paired them with some salty nuts and fed my craving.  Definitely something I will keep on hand.